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Better Together Immigration Mentoring Program

Are you a newcomer to Canada who needs advice or assistance with settling and integrating into the Brockville community? 

Consider joining our Better Together Immigration Mentoring Program which pairs immigrant /refugee individuals and families with volunteer community mentors. Our mentoring program can help you to break the many challenges you face, including employment and cultural barriers, in integrating into the community. The program experience will help you enhance your skills, knowledge and entrepreneurship in order to successfully integrate the labour market.

What is Better Together Immigration Mentoring Program?

The Better… Together Immigrant Mentoring Program is a contemporary initiative developed to support the settlement and integration of newcomers to Canada, create opportunities to meet new people in our community, improve their English language skills and learn more about the culture, services and supports in their new community and the local area. The program was designed to help newcomers establish roots within our Brockville community and to ease the adjustment of immigrants and refugees into our Canadian culture. When newcomers participate in community events, social and professional networks can be established and newcomers have the opportunity to feel engaged and welcomed into their new home and community. 

The program focuses its efforts with newcomers and their families by providing assistance, wherever possible, for community integration and to ease the settlement transition. Long-time residents of Brockville will offer their time as volunteer mentors, providing mentee partners with supports offered through the program and through the community. Through this program, newcomers are provided with the opportunity to practice and improve conversational English skills, address particular challenges or communication blocks they are experiencing, learn about Canadian life, make social contacts and explore educational, recreational and vocational goals with support.  The program will generally try to ‘match’ newcomer participants and volunteer mentors based on interests, preferences, needs, family responsibilities and transportation requirements or schedules.

The program will offer mentoring support for three primary groups of newcomers: international post-secondary students, immigrants and refugees. It is important to recognize the efforts and goodwill of different church groups who have worked to accept and support refugees into our community.

A key element in the Better Together Immigrant Mentoring Program is the development and implementation of resources to provide support and services to immigrants. The program will offer a series of workshops to provide key information for immigrants including sessions on health care, Canadian culture (e.g., introduction to Canadian culture, holidays and celebrations), financial (tax reporting, banking) and community living (policing, social behavior).

Program Benefits:

The program will offer many benefits to our community. The program will:

  • Provide Brockville immigrants, international students and refugees inclusive adaptation, settlement and integration supports through mentoring
  • Provide citizens of Brockville with a simple yet effective means to support newcomers to our community
  • Create a link between immigrants, international students and refugees needs and local employers and support agencies who can help
  • Serve as a pilot for other smaller, rural communities in Ontario

Community Volunteer Mentors

The program is seeking community volunteers to serve as mentors to immigrant, international students and refugee individuals and families. The commitment would consist of mentoring 2 or 3 hours week over a four month period. We are seeking your time and enthusiasm as “Brockville ambassadors” to:

  • Help newcomers settle and integrate into our community
  • Help newcomers to better understand Canadian and community-level culture
  • Introduce the newcomer to activities and information that will enrich their quest to settle and into the community network

Mentors will be offered training and support to ensure the mentoring experience is fun and informative for both the newcomer mentee and the community volunteer.

Newcomers  Mentees

The program will accept applications from three primary immigrant newcomer groups, notably:

  • international students attending post-secondary school in our community
  • newcomer immigrants to Canada and our community
  • refugees

Join EEC’s “Better…Together! Immigrant Mentorship Program” Today!

Interested in joining Better…Together! Immigrant Mentorship Program? Signing up is easy. Simply fill out the online application form to be a mentor or a mentee, or contact our mentorship program staff for more information call Kira Merritt 613-498-2111 x2271-800-926-0777 (toll free) or 613-498-3123 (TTY).

Let us help you to settle and be successful in Brockville!

Simply fill out the online application form to be a mentor or a mentee.





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