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EEC Culture Points | Employment + Education Centre

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EEC Culture Points


  • We lead by example every day
  • We value innovation and we are always looking ahead, reading ahead, thinking ahead


  • We seek to be the best and we bring the best of ourselves each day to our clients, community and agency
  • We are accountable – to ourselves, to our clients, to our community, to our funders, to each other


  • We value and expect integrity - we do things the ethical way because it’s the only way
  • We believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt
  • We have the courage to do the right thing


  • We are strategically focused on our work
  • We empower people, preserve dignity, and are empathetic
  • We recognize and celebrate our successes and our clients’ successes
  • We are not afraid of change and we are committed to continuous improvement, effective, efficient and consistent service


  • We will show respect for all individuals and treat people the way they want to be treated
  • We communicate honestly and are transparent
  • We feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions
  • We seek constructive feedback with the purpose of becoming better


  • We care about the growth and development of our clients, our staff and our community
  • We embrace learning to provide the most up-to-date information and tools to our clients


  • We are one team that is encouraging and supportive
  • We maintain perspective
  • We are passionate about and enjoy our work

Solution Oriented

  • We strive to find solutions and be the problem-solvers regardless of the situation we are facing
  • We embrace and work within systems that are set up to ensure efficiency and effectiveness without losing our individual and creative approach


  • We are client-focused and committed to the success of our clients
  • We are a trusted and resilient partner for clients, communities and colleagues
  • We share knowledge with each other to ensure consistently good service delivery


  • We recognize the powerful impact that we potentially have on our clients and community and we honour it with each client We are grateful


  • We are inclusive and we have fun with each other